Dr. Uusmaa is a dentistry assistance company conducting high-quality dental services to people and organizations across the Northern European block. We are proud to serve our patients with top-of-the-line dental solutions attuned to every need and at competitive prices.

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    Professional Dental Experience

    Our dental collective has provided services to customers for more than 20 years, earning their trust with solid results in bringing happy and healthy smiles.

    Stella M.
    General Dentistry Patient

    I have benefited from the expertise that Dr. Uusmaa has for 8+ years now. Every six months I have my dental cleansing performed and other minor services with the best results.

    Alejandro D.
    Dental Services Patient

    I am eternally grateful for the support that Dr. Uusmaa has provided by fixing every issue I had with the utmost professionalism and aesthetics. Highly recommended services!

    Merle O.
    Dental Surgery Patient

    I am satisfied and thankful for the specialized dental surgery service given to me over the years. I am happy to say that Dr. Uusmaa has helped me regain my health and self-confidence.

    Karl-Einar P.
    General Dentistry Patient

    After years of having the base of my dental services with Dr. Uusmaa, I can proudly say that I have chosen well and will keep coming back to keep a healthy smile on me.

    Inga C.
    General Dentistry Patient

    I would not take any risks with any other dental group. My family and I will always stay with Dr. Uusmaa to get our dental services done by real professionals, doctors that we can really trust.

    Lilly F.
    General Dentistry Patient

    I am so thankful to have found Dr. Uusmaa! After trying with different dentists, I have never been so satisfied with the dental services provided. Dr. Uusmaa is highly recommended!


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    We are a friendly team of dentists, hygienists and receptionists who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment you require.

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