Dental Services

Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on happy returning customers that know about our dental service professionalism.

Intervention Success

With the utmost professionalism, our surgeons & orthodontists, get the job done the right way.

Happy With Staff

Our committed staff members know perfectly well that the key to success lies in great teamwork actions.

Quick Recovery

As patient-focused providers, we are committed to giving the right advice and service for a fast and effective recovery.

Dr. Uusmaa was founded with the mission to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

Dr. Uusmaa is a dentistry assistance company conducting high-quality dental services to people and organizations across the Northern European block.

We are proud to serve our patients with top-of-the-line dental solutions attuned to every need and at competitive prices.

Dr. Uusmaa has enthusiastically threaded long-term relations with its clientele, delivering efficient customer service, competitive pricing, and positioned itself as a leading provider in Tallinn, Estonia.

With our next-generation approach to dentistry services, the Dr. Uusmaa collective is ready to bring solutions to our patients like no other provider in the country.


Our Dental Services

Our dental collective has provided services to customers for more than 20 years, earning their trust with solid results in bringing happy and healthy smiles.


Get your semestral dentistry cleansing service performed by top professionals!


Get a perfectly aligned smile with our orthodontics corrective solutions.


Keep problems away with our semestral services and preventive recommendations.


Make your smile shine beautifully with our professional and healthy teeth whitening services.


Recover the beauty of your smile and its functionality with top-quality dental implants.


Comprehensive and extensive dental surgery services to cover all medical needs.

Professional Dental Experience

In 2021, we endeavored on a new phase in development with the latest digital technology solutions integrated into our core services.

I look & feel great!

Fast, solid, and cost-effective dental solutions that have literally saved my life!

Nothing but happiness!

After trying with several other dentists, I’m sticking with Dr. Uusmaa for sure. Great service, great attitude and great results!

Reliable dental services!

I would not take any risks with any other dental group. Dr. Uusmaa is the only dental service provider for my family to go to.

Best dentist in town!

Look no further! Dr. Uusmaa is the best dental group in all of Estonia to me and to my family.


More Dr. Uusmaa Services

At Dr. Uusmaa, we know that your family needs only the best medical attention to cover all dental needs. We are here to support your needs!

General Dentistry

Providing professional general dentistry services nationwide and across Northern Europe.

Dental Radiography

Get the medical attention that you need with our top-level radiography services with our selected partners.

Dental Pediatric Care

Help your children protect their health by maintaining solid dental well-being with our pediatric dentistry solutions.

Dental Whitening Services

Make your smile shine beautifully with our professional teeth whitening services and keep your teeth healthy at all times.

We are a friendly team of dentists, hygienists and receptionists who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment you require.

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🇪🇪 Dr. Uusmaa is a contractual partner of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (Tervisekassa).

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